Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NY state fair in Syracuse on Labor Day

I finally saw the movie "Eat Pray Love", in a drive-in theater!! This is my first experience with drive-ins. I like it so far. It allows you to eat in your car during the movie, no matter whatever strange noise you make; it lets you discuss the movie with your friends and not worry about other people. You can adjust your seat to the perfect angle, and you can control the volume of the movie! The radio quality was pretty good to watch a movie like this, but if you are picky about the sound quality, especially of action movies, drive-ins might not be as good. Popular in the old days, it's almost impossible to find a drive-in theater in metropolitan areas. I am really glad to have such an experience to understand more of America's car culture.

Back to the topic of the title. Yesterday my husband and I went to Syracuse to catch the last day of the 21-day state fair. It was outrageously grand!!! It had everything you expected to see, and only more! Fair food, rides, exhibition, shows, sale, parade, competition... I was shocked to see how many food vendors there were. They took more than 1/3 of the whole fair space. For each single kind of food, say funnel cake, they had at least over 10 different vendors. When I was still overwhelmed by what to eat and which to buy from, I followed the crowd into a building and found even more food indoors. Well, I was speechless...Since we skipped breakfast, we were so hungry when getting there. Naturally our first destination was food. My husband got roast turkey leg, and couldn't wait to gobble it when I screamed "No!! hold on!!! I need a picture!" He grudged to hold it until I was done. Taking food photos is annoying sometimes, I know, especially when people want to eat so bad. I try not to take photos when eating with friends or families, just not to wanna piss them off:)

This is the big turkey leg.

Then he got the "so bad for the body but must eat" funnel cake, dusted with sugar powder. Deep-fried and too sweet, indeed a heart attack bomb!

After the stomachs got satisfied, we headed to the rides to get some craziness and dizziness. Then we strolled in the crowd to see people playing games, drawing caricatures, vendors selling stuff.Of course, I took a bunch of food photos too! It's quite a nice day!

When the darkness descended, and the lights got turned on, the night looked so colorfully cheerful!!

Does looking at the photos make you any bit dizzy? If so, it's time for bed, have a good night!


Kevin said...

Wow! I was just thinking that I needed to lay down after looking at those last pictures! Beautifully done.

Fran said...

Wow. I'm a state fair turkey leg person as well, but I like to have it with roasted corn on the cob too. And right about now I could go for one of those candied apples. Yum! Those photos of the swirling rides look beautiful, but I know just how they'd make my tummy feel. Yikes. :)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Glad you had such a great time and nice photos! Funnel cake is something that even someone who doesn't like fried food like me CRAVES once in a while. It's definitely part of the American experience that you can't miss. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Yours looks great, and I can't wait to see what's to come.

Prerna@IndianSimmer said...

Wow! Those are some gorgeous photographs. I like the expression of that kid sitting with his mom(?)the top photo (its amazing how you captued the blue color of the sky,the funnel cake one and....I think I like them all! State fairs ae such great spots to capture such (real life) photographs. My husband is into such photography.
Thanks for visiting my space and your wonderful words.
Keep taking such awesome photographs and stay in touch!

thang @ noodlies said...

That's one big turkey leg, looks yum.

Linyan said...

Nice pics! I'll stop by your blog very often:)

Daniela said...

Hello Yue Edwards happy to meet you. your blog is fantastic, beautiful photos and recipes. Congratulations on your first place in photo contest, I'm happy for you, you deserve it.
Not even I know English well, for this I added a translator on my blog, or help me with Google Translate. Daniela soon embrace.

Indie.Tea said...

I've never been to a drive-in. That looks like such a fun experience!

tofugirl said...

Hi Yue, you have some seriously beautiful photographs! This post was particularly nice to read since I used to live upstate and have gone to the fair before--I miss it! I haven't gone in years! My favorite (besides the food, of course) was always the animals and the butter sculpture :)