Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Advertisement food photography of Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookie and Pirouette waffle roll

I had a homework recently for the photography class I am taking. It's to shoot a photo of a commercial product and make an advertisement out of it. I got excited with this assignment because I could shoot some food photos and make them mouthwatering! It's also a taste of how real professional photographers and maybe photo editors do their jobs.

For this project, I especially did some research in the grocery store to look for the kind of food that might look good. At the same time, I was thinking about how to compose the photo to deliver the supporting information about the product. Finally, I decided to shoot Pepperidge Farm's cookies and waffle rolls.

Above is the final advertisement for the cookies. Below is the how I Photoshoped the original picture and added graphics to it.

The first one is the original photo. Although I shot it next to the window, it was still a little dark. I increased its exposure and the brightness & contrast to become the second image. Then I noticed the real cookies' chocolate filling wasn't as thick as that of the photo on the package, so I sampled the brown color from its chocolate and used the brush tool to paint the chocolate edge thicker. I also found a high-resolution logo of this company on the internet and added to this photo. Nice thing is when I shot the photo, I knew I was going to put words and graphics on it so I left enough space to fit them in. Now, the chocolate looks thicker and richer, but...ooops, fake too! To give it the natural look, I added some gloss along. Now much better! Not done yet! I gotta keep working. Since it's an advertisement, it'd be better if it could deliver some short and catchy literal information, so I was thinking so hard and eventually came up with this "Made with butter and love" slogan. I was satisfied with this "final version" for a day or so until when I opened the photo again and realized the cookie surface was too rough to match its "elegant European cookie"'s marketed image. I softened the surface and it finally looks fine.

Similarly I made the waffle roll advertisement photograph.


tofugirl said...

I love that pirouette cookie photo! And now I want to eat a Milano. Darn you. :)

Priscilla said...

Great job on the photos. You make the cookies look delicious!

Yue Edwards said...

Thanks, tofugirl and Priscilla!

They did taste delicious after i was done with the shots!