About me

     Born and raised up in China, I first came to the States to pursue my master degree. After working in a biotech company for a while, I decided to give up my science career path and explore my potential as a photographer.

    When I first got my DSLR camera, I started to shoot everything but soon found my favorite subject was food. Since then, I have visited many food photographers' websites constantly and read dozens of articles about food photography techniques.  I loved shooting food so much that I eventually decided to pull the trigger as soon as I moved to New York City. I became a photo assistant of an experienced and well-respected food photographer Colin Cooke, to learn the techniques and business.  Colin also helped me to establish my own brand Jocelyn Jiang Photography.  However,  I realized that photographers' life style doesn't fit me.  Maybe I lack the free spirits of a real artist.   Nevertheless, this experience is fun and helps me understand better about myself.  It's going to make me unique in whatever career I am going to start.  Photography will remain my life-long hobby.

    When I am not behind the lens, you can find me reading in a bookstore sipping a cup of latte; cycling on the streets, wide and narrow to explore parts of New York off the beaten path; holding my GPS outdoors to navigate geo caches hidden in the area; burying myself in the kitchen to try new interesting recipes; or wearing a pair of headsets plugged in my laptop to learn French. I also love dancing. I used to attend salsa dance class every week during school.

    I love life. I appreciate everything and everybody that have been in my life, good or bad, short or long, because it is them that shaped who I am today. I believe that camera is the best thing to record these little moments that I am going to savor over and over again.