Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Korean home meal-Shots for a korean restaurant

This weekend, I carried my portfolio and business card to go over local restaurants, talking to managers or owners about shooting them free photos which they can use for promotional purpose while I practice photography skills. This Korean restaurant was the last stop which i almost hesitated to go in the first place. It's a small take-out place which has only one room with kitchen and front desk all together, but that's OK. I am here to shoot some Korean food, who cares about how nice or not nice the restaurant itself is. The owner lady was very very nice. After hearing my purpose, she said:"Come back at 6!"

They didn't have much business that evening, so I just shot three Korean home-cooked dishes they would have for dinner.

This following food is Korean BBQ baby back ribs, which they don't put on the menu but just for themselves. The bright color and thick sauce is mouthwatering.  I tried one later, juicy and tangy.

Stir-fry rice with sausage, eggs, and carrots in it. 

Side dish is kimchi cucumber


Ryan Edwards said...

awesooommmeeeee!!! I keep coming back for such professional-looking photos! So hard to believe you're only doing this as an amateur...

bake in paris said...

Congratulations! I laid my eyes on your photo from the very first time and knew you would win in Leites Photo Contest. And I was right :-)

Sawadee from Bangkok,

Yue Edwards said...

Hi Kris,

I went to your blog, and was amazed by those beautiful pictures!! I will keep an eye on it:) Thank you for your compliment!!